Siena, the soul of Tuscany

Siena, Italy. Photo by: Dean Ayres

Siena, the soul of Tuscany

July 11, 2010  |  Italy
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It is probably best known for a medieval horse race, Il Palio, conducted for the last 350 years twice in the summer (on June 2nd and August 16th) around the centre of Siena’s beautiful “Campo” square. Palio is a wonderful experience for eveyone but can be quite impenetrable for the visitors. For many, is a once in a lifetime experience.

Besides Il Palio, it is certainly worth seeing Duomo’s Cathedral (I recommend visiting the Piccolomino library -hidden behind a small door-, and going for mass in this, probably, Tuscany’s best Cathedral). You can also climb on top of the Torre di Mangia, where you’ll enjoy a beautiful panorama of the Sienese city center and tuscan countryside. Apart from this, you should simply sit on the Piazza del Campo sipping wine and watch the world go by 🙂

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